Kitchen Academics Product Bundle

Kitchen Academics Product Bundle
Kitchen Academics Product Bundle


Product bundle

Our product bundle consists of our Anti-Spill lid (x 2), Prep to Pot chopping board and our Crumb Catcher cutting board. This is a must have for every kitchen. Buy now and avail of our free delivery.

Product Description

Kitchen Academics Product Bundle

The Kitchen Academics Product Bundle bundle offers all our products at a great discounted price. The product bundle consists of the following:

Anti spill Silicone Lids are specially designed to prevent pots over-boiling and pans splattering. They can also be used for steaming vegetables, microwaving food and as a heat-resistant pot mat.

The innovative design makes the Prep to Pot chopping board a completely mess-free board. The handy plastic tray attaches via magnets on one side, so chopped food can be collected for easy transfer to the pot, while the other side has a lip that allows you to sweep your food directly onto a plate. The plastic tray can then be used as a utensil rest while you finish cooking. The idea of using chopping boards with detachable tray is a makes this a must have in any kitchen

The chopping board is made from bamboo wood which is denser and less porous, it resists water and knife scarring more than other woods making it a perfect surface for chopping your fruit, veg and meat on.

The Crumb Catcher Cutting Board is a beautiful chopping board and is very handy when it comes to cutting breads. It is also mess free when preparing your children’s breakfast and packed lunches and even can be used as a drip tray for those amazing Sunday roast.

Our product bundle is a must have for every kitchen. Pick up your bundle today!