Prep to Pot Chopping Board


Prep To Pot Chopping Board

The innovative design makes the Prep to Pot Chopping Board a completely mess-free board. The plastic tray attaches via magnets on one side to allow chopped food to be collected for easy transfer to the pot. The oppisite other side has a lip that you can slide a plate under to sweep food directly on. The plastic tray is then be used as a utensil rest while you finish cooking. The idea of using a chopping board with a detachable tray makes it the best chopping board in the market.

The Prep to pot chopping board is made from bamboo wood which is denser and less porous, it resists water and knife scarring more than other woods making it a perfect surface for chopping your fruit, veg and meat on.

This board is not dishwasher safe, please wash by hand and wipe dry- do not soak.

Tip: a great way to clean your wood chopping board is to squeeze a lemon and  sprinkle salt onto the board then us the flat side of the cut lemon to clean in a circular motion.


  • Easy to transport food from chopping board to pot and waste to the bin
  • Hygienic as your hands never touch the board
  • Additional function as utensil rest
  • A bamboo chopping board made from sustainable sources
  • A Quality natural wood product


  • Dimensions: 40*22*3CM
  • Weight: 1.3KGS

This product is an ideal to complement the Anti Spill Lid or why not check out our Kitchen Academics Product Bundle

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Additional information

Weight1.3 g
Dimensions40 × 22 × 3 cm


  1. Diane Murphy

    I bought this chopping board recently and I absolutely love it. The side tray is so handy for transporting food, I actually use it as a utensil rest as well

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